A comprehensive employee benefits program is one of the best employee retention strategies. Invest in quality employees benefit plans, and the productivity rates in the office will hit an all time high. Our employee benefits services include medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, employee assistance programs, financial savings plans and more. At Concurrent HRO, we can also assist you with performance management, payroll deductions, and tax processing.

A strong employee benefits program helps you to maintain a low employee turnover rate, and current employees will be less inclined to work for a business rival. We are an experienced PEO based in Broomfield, CO that can provide you with smart HR solutions anywhere in Boulder and the Denver Metro Area.

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What You Get With Concurrent HRO Benefit Programs Administration

How much time and energy do you spend on benefit administration? You can save yourself the long hours it takes to fill out forms and complete data entry by letting us handle every piece of the process. Our specialists will develop an effective benefits program and stay on top of the day-to-day HR management.

Working with Concurrent HRO can provide you with:

  • Competitive rates for your employee benefits plan. We aggregate your company’s employees with other businesses to reduce benefit costs and stabilize renewals;
  • Compliance with the latest federal and local laws and regulations;
  • Better benefit options. We can offer your employees a personalized benefits package including healthcare plans, life insurance, financial savings plans, and more;
  • Online access to our advanced HR tools;
  • Consultation in case your employees have any questions regarding benefit programs administration;
  • More free time to operate your business instead of worrying about paperwork.

Our Services

Payroll Solutions
Payroll Solutions
Online payroll services that help consolidate processes associated with hiring, firing, scheduling and benefits administration.
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HR Solutions
HR Solutions
Working with Concurrent HRO to manage HR will ensure that you have enough time to grow your own business.
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Employee benefits services
Employee benefits services
Our company provides hassle-free employee benefits services to middle and small-sized Colorado businesses.
Employee Benefits ProgramEmployee Health Benefits
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